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I've downloaded the same document twice, can the reefund my account ?

Sure, no question asked.

I'd be needing an invoice

You'll be send the invoice without 48 hours. Just email us and ask for it.

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What's a pseudo ? What is it for ?

A pseudo a made up name, litterally whatever you want, by example : jojo41, micky, nana2.0, son-of-a, yoyo... That's the name you'll see when you post a comment, and not your real name.

Can you give me back my pseudo and password ?

For security reasons, the password is encrypted in the database by md5. It looks like a20adc3949ba59abbe56e057f20f883e and cannot be decypher, even by me. But you can ask for a new pasword.

How come I'm not a member any more ?

Multiple reasons :
- You didn't log in at least one a year.
- The first name or name you use to sign up is insulting, degrading or stupid.
- The email address couln't be verified.
- You asked for it and forgot about it (it happens more than you think...)