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Mozart, the best websites for free sheet music

J-B, 08 November 2019.

There are a very large number of sites that refer to Mozart in their catalog of scores. Some, without being completely rejected, have a limited interest because they are content to draw partitions left and right without ever writing one. Thus, one can find in this kind of sites fifty identical versions of the sonata Alla Turca for piano or the famous Letter to Elise of Beethoven. It does not matter much, you will agree.

But others have done a real job, either scanning, compilation or writing partitions. These are quality sites that I present below. Give me your opinion. Which ones do you know? Which ones do you prefer?

* Digital Mozart-Edition (DMA) is a German site, translated into English for those who prefer (like me). The sum of the documents proposed is enormous. The ensemble is classified in: Sacred Music, Music for the Stage, Songs and Canons, Orchestra, Concertos, Church Sonatas, Serenades and Divertimenti, Chamber Music, Pieces for Piano, Others. Partitions will not be usable as is. Although this is the most complete site, it will be of no use to musicians looking for a document to print. For others, it will be necessary to dig a little.
* The website cpdl.org, the database of choral scores has a nice list to propose too. The complete masses and almost all choral works, except operas. The scores are most often original, deposited by members, sometimes also, it is links. This website is in English.

* IMSLP is a bit the instrumental counterpart of the previous site, although it also offers some vocal scores. We will really find many, many things of different qualities. Sometimes it will be a beautiful score posted by a member, and sometimes we will have a very old edition, difficult to read but to copy. The site is however unavoidable for the rarity of its documents. We find, for example, the complete cadences written for piano concertos; it is a rare document.

* The website www.partitionsdechansons.com offers a free download of nearly one hundred Mozart scores. Voice scores, canons, choral scores, instrumental scores. There are links and scores of high quality, copied on editing software. Some, however, cost a few cents or a few euros but with the version with one voice always free. A site that I recommend to all amateur and professional musicians! And of course, it's the best site! (I will not tell you otherwise ...)

* Gallica, a French site, currently offers 285 downloadable scores. The partitions are not without defects since they are scanned and not copied but they can largely troubleshoot. For consultation, this database is valuable and I use it quite often.

* Piano Sheet Music will be the most useful site for Mozart's keyboard works. 100 beautifully edited scores. Small pieces of Mozart, sonatas but also arrangements, which makes it an original site, which really has a job, an added value to propose.