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First year piano sheet music

J-B, 03 October 2017.

When you begin to play the piano, like every other instruments, you're not able to play anything you'd like to play. But cheer up, it can be so much worst with other ones like the oboe, the violin or the trumpet so demanding on so many levels. But, after a first year of learning the piano, they are many possibilities to play nice things and here what this article is all about.

Be patient

The biggest mistake would be to rush to something you want to be. If you put on the piano a sheet music to hard for you, you can expect failure, and failure leads to giving up. That's why I advise you to chose pieces you can play, at the moment. Not that you won't have to work for a week or to, but be careful with the difficulties you won't be able to overcome now.

The methods

When I see something like « X pieces for beginners », I'm suspicious... Very often, the first three pages are allright but the next ones are rapidly way to hard for a first year piano student. Do not buy that kind of stuff if you can't open it first.

Internet is your friend

Nowadays, you can find so many great things on the internet. That's a chance but carefull again. Do you thing you can enter "piano sheet music beginner" on Google on go on with it, you're mistaken. It will be much more difficult, believe me. Many won't be for beginners, many will be so disappointing. So... follow the guide !

Here's a guide to quality resources on the internet :

10 sheet music for the piano

Two collection of sheet music, written for beginners. Those are little french song. I'm sure who know some of them like Ah vous dirai-je, maman...Those pdf are precious.

First collection of sheet music
Second collection of sheet music

Qui va piano va sano

A very nice website with a section for beginners only. What a rich idea. Those are easy (sometimes very easy) arrangements :
- Bach - Minuet
- Beethoven - Ode to joy
Satie - Petit prélude à la journée
- Schubert - Ave Maria
- Schubert - The trout
- When the saints

Partitions pour piano

TRhe website piano sheet music proposes original arrangements of classical theme, famous songs and more...
- Bach - Aria
- Coya chiquitito
- Telemann - Gavotte
- Gigue
- Algerian song - an yama kan
- Johann Krieger - Minuet
- O Cravo e a Rosa

Little pieces of Mozart

Between age 4 and 5, Mozart wrote many little pieces for the harpsichord, mainly danses, written down (and probably corrected also) by his father. Here are the easiest ones :
- Minuet en G
- Minuet en F
- Minuet in D

Theodor Oesten

Do you know the composer ? Those composition are so young, so refreching. They're joy spreaders !
- Barcarolle
- Happy musicians
- Music box
- The wanderer
- The spring's smile

For Elise

Unfortunately, the famous piece For Elise by Beethoven cannot still be reached if you're a beginner. But, for you, I've written a simplified version. Go on, it's free. You can download it by clicking on the libk below :

For Elise simplified version.