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1. I come from the south and my name is Field
And when my shears are properly steeled
It's a hundred or more I have very often peeled
And of course I'm a ryebuck shearer

If I don't shear a tally before I go
My shears and stone in the river I'll throw
And I'll never open Sawbees or take another blow
Till I prove I'm a ryebuck shearer

2. There's a bloke on the board & he's got a leather skin
A very long nose and he shaves on the chin
And a voice like a billy goat pissing in a tin
And of course he's a ryebuck shearer

3. There's a bloke on the board and I heard him say
I couldn't shear a hundred sheep in a day
But some fine day I'll show him the way
And prove I'm a ryebuck shearer

4. Oh I'll make a splash but I wont say when
I'll hop off my tail and I'll into the pen
While the ringer's shearing five I'll be shearing ten
And prove I'm a ryebuck shearer

5. There's a bloke up north or so I've heard
With a face like a dried up buffalo turd
And if you think that's bad well you ought to see his bird
She looks like a ryebuck shearer