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1. Well, I come from no where as the wind blows,
where I am go ing, well, no body knows.
Cotton-eyed Joe, Cotton-eyed Joe,
Where did you come from, where did you go ?
Where did you come from, where did you go,
Where did you come from, Cotton-eyed Joe ?

2. Mama's at the window, Mama's at the door,
She can't see nothin' but the Cotton-eyed Joe.

3. Daddy held the fiddle, daddy held the bow,
He beat the hell out of Cotton-eyed Joe.

4. Made himself a fiddle, made himself a bow,
Made a little tune called the Cotton-Eyed Joe.

5. Hadn't oughta been for Cotton-eyed Joe,
I'd a-been married some forty years ago.

6. Whenever there's a dance all the women want to go,
And they all want to dance with Cotton-Eyed Joe.

7. Daddy won't say, but I think he know,
Whatever happened to Cotton-eyed Joe.