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Posted on 28 May 2020 at 05h16




1. There was a ship that sailed all on the Lowland sea
And the name of the ship was the Golden Vanity
And we feared she would be taken by the Spanish enemy
As she sailed upon the Lowland, Lowland, Low,
As she sailed upon in the Lowland sea.

2. Then up stepped our cabin boy, and boldly outspoke he,
And he said to our captain, « What would you give to me,
If I would swin along side of the Spanish enemy, »
And sink her in the Lowland, Lowland, Low,
And sink her in the Lowland sea.

3. "Oh, I would give you silver, and I would give you gold,
And my own fairest daughter your bonny bride shall be,
If you will swim alongside of the Spanish enemy
And sink her in the Lowland, Lowland, low...

4. Then the boy he made him ready and overboard sprang he,
And he swam alongside of the Spanish enemy,
And with his brace and auger in her side he bored holes three,
And he sunk her in the Lowland, Lowland, low...

5. Then quickly he swam back to the cheering of the crew,
But the captain would not heed him, for his promise he did rue,
And he scorned his poor entreatings when loudly he did sue,
And he left him in the Lowland, Lowland, low...

6. Then quickly he swam round to the port side,
And up unto his messmates full bitterly he cried,
"Oh, messmates, draw me up, for I'm drifting with the tide,
And I'm sinking in the Lowland, Lowland, low...

7. Then his messmates drew him up, but on the deck he died,
And they stitched him in his hammock which was so fair and wide,
And they lowered him overboard and he drifted with the tide,
And he sank in the Lowland, Lowland, low...