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The sheet music Glad to see you little bird

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1. Glad to see you, little bird,
T'was your little chirp I heard.
What, did you intend to say?
« Give me something this cold day. »

2. That I will, and plenty, too ;
All the crumbs I saved you you.
Don't be frightened, here's a treat,
I will wait and see you eat.

3. Shocking tales I hear of you,
Chirp, and tell me, are they true ?
Robbing all the summer long :
Dont' you thiunk it very wrong ?

4. Thomas says you steal his wheat,
John complains his plums you eat,
Choose the ripest for your share,
Never asking whose they are.

5. But I will not try to know
What you did so long ago ;
There's your breakfast, eat away
Come and see me every day.