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The sheet music The hornet and the peacock

The victory of the American Hornet over the British Peacock greatly cheered an American public, gloomy after many land reverses. Later the Hornet barely got away for the 74-gun Cornwallis by throwing overboard all guns, lifeboats and other movable objects. Thus they escaped the feared British prisons.

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1. Ye Demos, attend, and ye Federals, too
I'll sing you a song that you all know is true,
Concerning the Hornet, true stuff, I'll be bail
That rumpled the Peacock and lowered her tail.

Sing hubber, O bubber, cried Old Granny Wale,
The Hornet can tickle the British bird's tail,
Her stings are all sharp and they'll pierce without fail.
Success to our navy! cried Old Granny Wale

2. This bird it was bred in the land of King George
Her feathers were fine and her tail very large;
She spread forth her wings like a ship in full sail
and prided herself in the size of her tail.

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