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The sheet music Johnny has gone for a soldier

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1. Here I sit on Buttermilk Hill,
Who could blame me cry my fill ?
And ev’ry tear will turn a mill.

Johnny has gone for a soldier.
Shoolie, shoolie, shoolie too,
Shoolie, saccaracca bilbalibba boo.
If I should die for Sally
Bobolink come bibbalibba boo sarora.

2. Me, oh, my, I loved him so,
Broke my heart to see him go.
And only time will heal my woe.

3. I’ll sell my flax, I’ll sell my wheel,
To buy my love a sword of steel
So it in battle he may wield.

4. I’ll dye my petticoats crimson red.
Through the world I’ll beg my bread.
I’ll find my love alive or dead.