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The sheet music What a court hath Old England

Despite the support of Pitt, Burke, and other Englishmen who opposed the Stamp Act, tension heightened between the colonies and England. This satire, sung to the tune of "Down Derry Down," follows the pattern of "Liberty Hall," written by George Stevens of London in 1757.

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1. What a court hath old England of folly and sin
Spite of Chatham and Camden, Barre, Burkes, Wilks and Glynn
Not content with the game act, they taxed fish and sea
And America drench with hot water and tea.

Derry down, down, down, derry down

2. Then freedom's the word, both at home and abroad
So out with each scabbard that hides a good sword
Our forefathers gave us this freedom in hand
And we'll die in defense of the rights of the land.