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1. Robin he married a wife in the West,
Moppety, moppety, mono
And she turned out to be none of the best,
With a high jig jiggety, tops and petticoats,
Robin-a-Thrush cries mono.

2. When she rises she gets up in haste,
And flies to the cupboard before she is laced.

3. She milks her cows but once a week
And that's what makes her butter so sweet.

4. When she churns she churns in a boot,
And instead of a cruddle she puts in her foot.

5. She puts her cheese upon the shelf
And leaves it to turn till it turns of itself.

6. It turned of itself and fell on the floor,
Got up on its feet and ran out of the door.

7. It ran till it came to Wakefield Cross,
And she followed after upon a white horse.

8. This song it was made for gentlemen,
If you want any more you must sing it again.