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1. I courted Pretty Polly the live-long night
I courted Pretty Polly the live-long night
The left her next morning before it was light.

2. Pretty Polly, pretty Polly, come go along with me,
Before we get married some pleasures to see.

3. She jumped on behind him and away they did go.
Over the hills and the valley below.

4. They went a little further and what did they spy.
A new dug grave with a spade laying by.

5. Oh, Willie, oh Willie, I'm 'fraid of your way,
I'm afraid you will lead my pood body astray.

6. Pretty Polly, pretty Polly, you've guessed about right,
For I slept on your grave the best part of last night.

7. He throwed her on the ground and she broke into tears,
She throwed her arms around him and trembled with fear.

8. There's no time to talk now, there's no time to stand,
He drew out his knife all in his right hand.

9. He stabbed her in the heart and the blood it did flow,
And into the grave pretty Polly did go.

10. He put on a little dirt and he started for home,
Leaving no one behind but the wild birds to moan.

11. A debt to the devil Willie must pay,
For willing pretty Polly and running away.