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1. By force I am fixed my fancy to write,
Ingratitude willeth me not to refrain :
Then blame me not, ladies, although I indite
What lighty love now amongst you doth reign.
Your traces in places to outward allurements,
Do move my endeavour to be the more plain :
Your nicings and ticings with sundry procurements,
To publish your lighty love do me constrain.
2. Deceit is not dainty, it comes at each dish ;
And fraud goes a-fishing with friendly looks ;
Though friendship is spoiled, the silly poor fish
That hover and shiver upon your false hooks ;
With bait you lay wait to catch here and catch there,
Which causes poor fishes their freedom to lose.
Then lout ye and flout ye whereby doth appear
Your lightie love ladies, still cloaked with gloss.


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