Free sheet music


1. Tune your fiddles, tune them sweetly,
Play the Marquis Reel dis creetly,
Here we are a band
Completly fitted to be jolly.
Come, my boys, glad and glaucie,
Ev 'ry youngster chuse his lassie,
Dance wi' life and be not saucy,
Shy nor melancholy.

2. Lay aside your sowre grimaces,
Clouded brows and drumly faces,
Look about and see their graces,
How they smile delighted!
Now's the season to be merry,
Hang the thoughts of Charon's ferry,
Time enough to turn camstary
When we're old and doited.

3. Butler put about the claret,
Thro' us all devide and share it,
Gordon Castle well can spare it,
It has claret plenty.
Wine's the true inspiring liquor,
Draffy drink may please the vicar,
When he grasps the foaming bicker,
Vicars are not dainty.

4. We'll extol our noble master
Sprung from many a brave ancestor,
Lord preserve him from disaster
So we pray in duty.
Prosper too our pretty Duchess
Safe from all distressfull touches,
Keep her out of Pluto's clutches,
Long in health and beauty.

5. Angels guard their gallant boy,
Make him long his father's joy,
Strudy like the Heir of Troy,
Strout and brisk and healthy.
Pallas grant him every blessing,
Wit and size and strength encreasing,
Plutus, what's in thy possessing,
Make him rich and wealthy.

6. Youth solace him with thy pleasure
In refined and worthy measure,
Merit gain him choicest treasure
From the Royal Donor.
Famous may he be in 'story,
Full of days and full of glory,
To the grave when old and hoary
May he go with honour.


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