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Posted on 30 April 2020 at 19h43

I have a slightly different version of this , it begins
Uncle John is very sick, what shall we send him?
A piece of pie, a piece of cake, a piece of apple dumpling

then carries on the same but ends with these four lines:
At the siege of Belle Ile
I was there all the while all the while
All the while, all the while
At the siege of Belle Ile

Can you help with the provenance of this?


Uncle John is very sick,
What shall we send him ?
Three gold wishes,
And a slice of ginger.
What shall we send it in ?
In a piece of paper.
Paper is not good enough,
But a golden saucer,
Who shaal we send it by ?
By the Governor's daughter,
Take her by the lily-white hand,
And lead her over the water.