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1. O walk Jordan long road,
And religion so sweet.
O religion is good for anything,
And religion so sweet.

2. Religion makes you happy
3. Religion gib me patience
4. o member, get religion
5. I long time been a-huntin'
6. i ssekin' for my fortune
7. O I gwine to meet my Saviour
8. Dwine to tell him 'bout my trials
9. Dey call me boastin' member
10. Dey call me turnback Christian
11. Dey call me 'struction maker.
12. But I won't care what dey call me.
13. Lord, trial 'longs to a Christian
14. O tell me 'bout religion.
15. i weep for Mary and Marta
16. I seek my Lord and I find him.