Free sheet music


1. Lord, that weepin' willow, and that mournin' dove !
That weepin' willow, and that mournin' dove !
I got a gal up the country you know, I sure do love.

2. Now if you see my woman, tell her I say hurry home.
I ain't had no loving since my gal been gone.

3. Where it ain't no love, ain't no getting along.
My gal treats me so mean and dirty, sometimes I don't know right from wrong.

4. Kird, I laid down last night, tried to take my rest
My mind started wandering like the geese in the west.

5. Gonna by me a bulldog, watch you while I sleep
Just to keep these men from making the 'fore day creep.

6. You gonna want my love, baby, some lonesome day.
Than it will be too late, I'll be gone too far away.


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