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1. As I was walkin' down the street,
Down the street, down the street.
A cute little miss I chanced to meet,
And she was pretty to see.

Buffalo Gals won't you come out tonight,
Come out tonight, come out tonight,
Buf-falo Gals won't you come out tonight,
and dance by the light of the moon.

2. I asked her would she have some talk,
Have some talk, have some talk.
Her feet covered the whole sidewalk
As she stood close by me.

3. I asked her would she have a dance,
Have a dance, have a dance.
I thought I might get a chance
To shake a foot with her.

4. I'd like to make that gal my wife,
Gal my wife, gal my wife.
I'd be happy all my life.
If I had her by me.