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Come my love let's take a walk
Just a little way away
While we walk along we'll talk
Talk about our wedding day

Only say that you'll be mine
And in our home we'll happy be
Down beside where the waters flow
Down on the banks of the Ohio

I drew my knife across her throat
And to my breast she gently pressed
Oh please, oh please, don't murder me!
For I'm unprepared to die you see

I taken her by her lily white hand
I let her down and I made her stand
There I plunged her in to drown
And watched her as she floated down

Returning home 'tween twelve and one
Thinking of the deed I'd done
I murdered the girl I love you see
Because she would not marry me

Next day as I was running home
I met the sheriff standing in the door
He said young man come with me and go
Down to the banks of the Ohio