Partitions gratuites

Chansons de Grace Wassal

Chansons anglaises avec accompagnement de piano
1. Concerning love
2. The busy child
3. Cake and ale
4. The journey
5. The masterpiece
Concerning love Partition gratuite

Grace Wassal

i wish she would not ask me
If I love the Kitten more than her.
Of course I love her.
But I love the Kitten too ;
And it has fur.
The busy child Partition gratuite

Grace Wassal

I have so many things to do,
I don't know when I shall be through :
Today I had to watch the rain,
Come sliding down the window-pane...
Cake and ale Partition gratuite

Grace Wassal

I'm always glad whan Andrew comes
If only I am there,
He stays a while and talks to me,
As if he did not care...
The journey Partition gratuite

Grace Wassal

I never saw the hills so far,
And blue, the way the pictures are ;
And flowers, flowers, growing thick,
But not a one for to pick !...
The masterpiece Partition gratuite

Grace Wassal

My mother cut it out for me
And started it so I could see ;
And then she turned some edges in
And let me take it to begin...


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