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La partition « Bill Grogan's goat »

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Posté le 14 janvier 2014 à 03h28

merci !!
Posté le 29 décembre 2013 à 12h19

Merci !!
Posté le 03 décembre 2013 à 10h18

Merci !!!
Posté le 15 octobre 2013 à 07h43

merci, j'adore cette chanson any25



1. There was a man.
Now please take note,
There was a man
Who had a goat.
He loved that goat.
Indeed he did.
Just like a kid.

2. One day that goat
Felt frisk and fine
Ate three red shirts
Right off the line.
The man, he grabbed
Him by the back
And tied him to
The railroad track.