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Téléchargez la partition de Jesus borned in Bethlea, chant de Noël américain avec accords de guitare.
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Posté le 23 novembre 2017 à 14h16

je veux la chason de noel en anglais qui est longtime ago in ......


1. Jesus borned in Bethlea, Jesus borned in Bethlea,
Jesus borned in Bethlehem and in the manger lay.
And in the manger lay, and in the manger lay,
Jesus borned in Bethlehem and in the manger lay.

2. Judas then betrayed him
And nailed him to the tree.

3. Joseph buried his body
And layed him in the tomb.

4. Tomb, it would not hold him
He burst the bonds of death.

5. Down came an angel
And rolled the stone away.

6. Mary came a-weeping
Her blessed Lord to see.

7. - What's the matter, Mary ?
- They've stol'n our Lord away.

8. - Run and tell your brethren
He's risen from the dead!