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La partition Nine hundred miles

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1. I'm a-riding on this train, there are tears in my eyes
Tryin' to read a letter from my home

If this train runs me right, I'll be home Saturday night
For I'm nine hundred miles from my home
And I hate to hear that lonesome whistle blow

2. Well, this train I'm riding on is a hundred coaches long
Y'can hear her whistle blow a hundred miles...


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1. I am walkin’ down the track,
I’ve got tears in my eyes
Tryin’ to read a letter from my home

If that train runs me right,
I’ll be home tomorrow night
‘Cause it’s nine hundred miles Where I’m goin’.
And I hate to hear that lonesome whistle blow.

2. Well the train I ride on
Is a hundred coaches long
You can hear the whistle blow a hundred miles.

3. I will pawn you my watch, I will pawn you my chain
Pawn you my gold diamond ring.