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La partition « Old Molly Hare »

Téléchargez la partition de Old Molly Hare, chanson traditionnelle américaine avec accords de guitare.
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Old Molly Hare Partition gratuite


1. Old Molly Hare, What you doing there ?
Running through the cotton patch as fast as I can tear.

2. Old Molly Hare, what you doing there?
Sitting in my fireplace a-smoking my cigar.

3. Old Molly Hare, what you doing there ?
Sitting on a haystack a-shooting at a bear.

4. Old Molly Hare, what you doing there?
Sitting on a butter-plate a-picking out a hair.

5. Old Molly Hare, your tail’s too short.
Yes, doggone it, I can tuck it out of sight.

6. Dogs say “boo,” and they bark too.
I haven’t got the time for to talk to you.

7. Riding of a goat and leading of a sheep,
I won’t be back till the middle of the week.


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Vieille Molly Hare, que fais-tu ?
Je cours dans un chant de coton aussi vite que je peux...