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Téléchargez la partition de Goin' up on the mountain, chanson traditionnelle avec accords de guitare.
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Goin' up on the mountain Partition gratuite


1. Going up on the mountain
to raise a crop of cane,
To make a barrel of ‘lasses,
To sweeten old Liza Jane.

It’s a bye, bye, my darling girl,
Bye, bye, I’m gone.
It’s a bye, bye, my darling girl
With the golden slippers on.

2. I used to ride the old gray horse,
But now I ride the roan,
You may court your own true love,
But you’d better leave mine alone.

3. Meat’s on the goose’s foot,
The marrow’s in the bone,
Every girl that’s here tonight
Is sweeter than honeycomb.

4. I used to make my living
By railroad and steam,
But now I make my living
By high low Jack, and the game.


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