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Téléchargez la partition de Fair Canada, hymne de George F. de Vine.
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Fair Canada Partition gratuite

La partition Fair Canada avec piano

Partition gratuite en PDF


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1. Let others sing of sunny climes
Of lands beyond the sea ;
There's not a dearer spot on earth
Than Canada to me.

Dear Canada, loved Canada,
Wherever I may be,
There's not a land on all the earth
Shall win my heart from thee.

2. Her sons will ne'er submit to crouch
Beneath a tyrant's sway ;
The stag that roams her forest glades
Is not more free than they.

Dear Canada, lov'd Canada,..

3. The red-cross flag our fathers raised,
We hail it as a friend,
And should that flag e'er be assail'd,
Its glories we'll defend.

Fair Canada, brave Canada,
No land on earth more free,
And his would be a Cowards arm
That would not strike for thee.

4. The Scot may boast his healther hills,
The Englishman his rose,
And Erins sons mau love the vales,
Where Erins shamrock grows.

But Canada, loved Canada,
Is dearer far to me,
No other land, however grand,
Shall win my heart from thee.

5. The sun that tints her maple trees,
With Nature's magic wand ;
Shines down on peaceful, happy homes,
In our Canadian Land.

Fair Canada, loved Canada,
My heart is wed to thee,
Be thou the land of noble deeds,
And Empire of the free.