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Catalina Magdalena Partition gratuite


1. She had a funny name, but she wasn’t much to blame,
Her mother gave it to her just the same, same, same.

Catalina Magdalena Hoopensteiner Wallendiner
Hogan Logan Bogan was her name.

2. Well, she had two peculiar hairs on her head,
One was black and one was red.

3. She had two eyes that were quite a sight,
One looked left and the other looked right.

4. She had two arms that flopped all around,
When she walked, they would drag on the ground.
5. She had two feet that were wide and flat
Each one bigger than a bathroom mat.

6. She had two holes in the bottom of her nose
One for her fingers ….and one for her toes.

7. She had two teeth inside her mouth,
One went north and the other south.

8. Some folks say her breath smells sweet,
But me, I’d rather smell her feet.

9. If rain makes flowers sweet and clean,
There oughta be a downpour on Magdaleen!


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